You have a van, you are looking for a project which brings sense to your life and you want to discover Europe ?

What is a VULCA TOUR

Vulca tour allowed us to establish a first connection with different individual local makers/hackers communities in Europe.

We pay attention to meet face to face each member before starting any collaboration.

We want to get to know and better understand the needs and projects of local contacts.



Each vulca tour is based on a personal initiative. We launched 10 vulca tours so far and more than 10 explorers took part to this adventure. Mainly with a van, driving all over Europe with Alex Rousselet our main explorer who bought a van in 2017 and started to take the road to establish as much as possible connection all over Europe in the makers/hackers movement.

I am 40 years old running a fablab in Bruxelles. It was so inspiring to met 38 other makerspaces from Central Europe.

I am a maker and this exploration helped me a lot to meet inspiring other people working on common project.

Make your dream come true and start a #VulcaTour

We are interested in launching the 2nd team. We are looking for a collaboration with someone who would like to start touring in Europe with a personal van and explore the maker movement. 
We must be honest, it is not funny every day. You will probably sleep in your van. Get too cold or too warm. Get lost or your vehicle breaks down … but this is the Vulca adventure

Develop your network

& knowledge

Explore Europe

& beyond

Learn new language

& culture

Nothing is more expensive than missed an opportunity

« It changed my life perspective. Now I am more flexible, totally open to new adventures, and the best thing is – I am the owner of my life. Something I am learning everyday is meeting different people, different lifestyles, cultures, languages and points of view »

Alex Rousselet

What we did so far


kilometers traveled


communities met


countries visited