What is a VULCA TOUR

VULCA TOUR allowed us to establish the first connection with individual local communities in Europe. We pay attention to meet face to face each of them before starting any collaboration.

Time is important to us.

We take the time integrally with each of the members and friends of the association and it starts by going to meet you in your city.

All our collaborations are based on trust thanks to our visit on site. For us, it is very important to get to know and better understand the vision, needs and projects of Fablabs, Makerspaces, Hackerspaces.

The fact that we have evolved rapidly from a handful of enthusiasts to a global network is in part due to this capacity for self-organisation.

Welcome our explorers

And connect your organisation to European Stakeholders

This year, you can welcome Remi in France Shakeel in Europe  Axel in Germany Daniel in Poland Alex in Europe in 2023

Hundreds Makerspaces Fablabs Hackerspaces welcomed us so far!


Is a maker from Leon in Spain. Now Erasmus student in Poland, he want to use this year to meet the makers movement there ...


is a maker from France. He is exploring Spain and France to meet the makers movement with his converted van ...


Is a German maker from Erlangen. He is taking one year to explore deeply the German makers movement ...


Is a Mauritian Makers finishing his master in Denmark and want to explore the European Makers movement using all public transport possible ...

Explorers feedbacks


“Touring in Europe allow me to better understand the diversity of the Maker movement. I’m feeling ready to open a Makerspace in France soon, and welcome back all those that invited me in return !”


“I already started to meet makers in Poland.
I feel more and more able to better connect Polish makers community to other in Europe .”


“I feel like Messi in the middle field. I get a question (like a ball) and I have to find the right person to connect with. Match making between makers or partners is becoming my routine”



In accordance with you, one of the Vulca Explorer will come for 1 to 5 days to visit your makerspace and meet your makers community.

More it’s simple more we feel like home. We enjoy to visit your makerspace but we even more love to share a lunch or diner with you, your community or family. And for the night, just offer us a warm shower and a sofa or matress on the floor is already a lot. (We usually offer a bottle of wine or a speciality of our country)

You make your makerspace better known in Europe. Which can strongly help you to turn your community from a local initiative to international dynamic

Sure, we invite you to talk to Fablab Cuenca in Spain or Zam Makerspace in Germany. Also RogCenter in Slovenia and OpenFab in Belgium would also be happy to tell you more

They were explorers in 2016 2020 2019 2017 2018 !

want to
welcome an explorer?

Leave your message below and one of our explorer will contact you!