A new explorer start his journey, supported by VULCA

German maker located in Erlangen and member of ZAM Makerspace, wants to explore makerspaces, fablabs and hackerspaces all over Europe. Let’s learn more about him and his coming tour

Axel, can you introduce yourself please :

I have a chance to grow in a bi-national family (Germany-France) opening me at very early age, to Europe and it challenges. In parallel I also started showing interest in making all kind of things.

From Erlangen, I obviously joined the makers community of ZAM Makerspace where I spend most of my time today when I’m home.

Here I put myself in many projects. All different and quite inspiring. Experiencing electronics, digital fabrication, wood-metal equipment … everyday is a discovery here. I also figured out that not many people can understand how looks the « inside » of a Makerspace such a ZAM. That’s why I decided to buy a 360C panoramic camera to better show to local citizen what to expect in the space.

I also joined VOW, the German Open-Workshop Network where soon enough I met Vulca’s representatives, and I got familiar with their mission, in which I fell in love instantly. We had several discussion leading me to join their VULCA EXPLORERS team, traveling in Europe to record and open the first 360C makerspaces panoramic library

 Let’s see below an exemple of his work (click on the image) :

360C visit of xHain_Hackerspace Berlin

Located in Erlangen a city next to Nuremberg, Axel will mostly travel using public transports such as train, bus or flight.

In 2023, Axel will be exploring every months new makerspaces, Fablabs and Hackerspaces starting with Germany and France.

Later this year, Axel plan to travel in other countries and we’ll inform you here when we have dates and destination.

ALEXANDRE ROUSSELET, Vulca explorer since 2013
Just a few words about Axel, the VULCA new explorer

« Each month Axel wants to explore another direction of Germany or France. I’m helping him as much as I can to connect to the local makers community I already met some years ago. It brings me back a lot of souvenirs from when I started to go for a week or just a weekend visiting makerspaces in a couple of cities. »

To train Axel about how to organise a VULCA Tour, Aleks and Alex and Axel (So many AleX_Ks ^^) have been on the road with VULCA the van visiting a couple of Makerspaces together in Germany.

Axel is very adaptable in every situation. Curious, interested and always smiling.

Also, having a new active VULCA member from Germany means a lot of for us because in 2024 we will organised our 8th VULCA seminar in Erlangen, hosted in ZAM Makerspace (still under construction) where at the same time, the Verbund Offene Werksttaten (VOWGerman Open-Workshops Network) will met for the 6th time.

VILCA TALK - Lübbenau - VOW 2018 - Nicolas/Alexandre


If you are UK based, in between London, Cambridges and Manchester region … welcome Axel in April !


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