The action we created as a following step of Vulca Tours is enabling the community to interconnect with each other, deepening the sense of belonging to the network Vulca is developing.

Every year Vulca organizes a seminar in a different place and country in Europe to keep the association and its actions decentralised.

Meet, share, discuss and scale up

About our seminar

Our journey made us enthusiastic to gather people with various backgrounds and different professions, to create a community of people working towards solutions for collective problems.

Around 100 participants come from all over Europe believing you don’t have to be a professional stakeholder to make a contribution to the future of the european society. And we think citizens’ ideas can and are already making changes.

Through this action, we want to emphasize different communities in Europe. Each year, seminar is organised in different place/country. Each year, topics are adapted based on key efforts of the welcoming community (i.e. social inclusion, STEAM education, particular SDG, rural challenge...).


Connecting communities in smaller groups around different topics made us understand better the geographical distribution of similar activities. Therefore, we become proficient in interconnecting members of different communities for peer-to-peer exchanges between spaces in different countries.

4 main objectives

Networking & Team building

Network & team build in a multicultural, interdisciplinary environment

Making RESIDENCY MAKERS more accessible

Helping makers and spaces to interconnect around existing exchange programmes

Facing global challenges

Discuss the impact makers’ movement and mobility of individuals have on solving global challenges

Impacting the future of policymaking

Discuss the way citizens’ initiatives with « on-the-field » approach can influence the future of policymaking



The first VULCA Community meeting was organised in the city of Moulins (France) with the collaboration of the French Fablab Network that organised at the same time their national meeting called #OctoberMake. (October 2017)

We all agreed that it is needed to extend our knowledge of the makers’ movement in Europe by launching more VULCA TOURs + participating in more European conferences. We were encouraged to organise a meeting with MEPs in the beginning of 2018 to introduce our vision of #MakersMobility in Europe.


The second VULCA SEMINAR was organised in the city of Clermont-Ferrand and le Puy-en-Velay (France) in July 2018.

We had a long discussion about several meetings we had in January 2018 in the European Commission with several MEPS interested to developp a makers’ mobility pilot project in Europe.

How do we position Vulca in this Pilot Project and in the future since we are all volunteers?

We had the chance to have as a main speakers Paulo Rosa (DG JRC of the European Commission) that presented his work.


For the very first time seminar was held outside of France, in Poznan, Poland. It was organised as a joint effort with community from Zaklad Makerspace, based in an old chocolate manufactory. We were divided in 2 working groups – makers and researchers, to work 3 topics:

  • How to do an efficient « match-making » process between a maker and fablab/makerspace?
  • How to finance makers’ mobility exchange experience?
  • How to properly document a residency?

As an outcome, we need to continue to bridge the gap between makers and researchers. We should also include policy makers for the next seminar, and teachers to try to implement makers’ activities even more in STEAM education programs.

2020 and 2021 (Due to Covid-restriction)

Due to the pandemic, we are all having a difficult time. Locally, labs have been closed (or partially closed) for a year now. National makerspaces/fablabs networks can’t organise in-person their annual national meetings. Similar problem reached us, Vulca, since we cannot organise our yearly seminar as well.

In 2020 we had to postpone the VULCA SEMINAR, planned for April, in Zadar – Croatia.

With our partners, and the City of Zadar, we have decided not to cancel, but postpone the event for another year when european regulations will allow us to make it possible.

In april 2020, we organised a day online with members and partners to share feedbacks regarding our experience in the pandemic and also to hold the Vulca General Assembly 2020 with a new board election this year.

In 2021, we also organised a gathering online and if that wasn’t enough, MakerTour decided to stop their activities and close their association.

Fortunately, before MakerTour definitely stopped, we decided to team up and organise one week of sharing documentation and good practices related to our tours all over the world, that are documented on the MakerTour website.

Also, this week was the opportunity to highlight several makerspaces that inspired VULCA, especially their approaches of hosting or sending makers in residency !


Due to COVID-19 outbreak, we are postponing seminar until the opportunity to have in-person events arises. Our next seminar will be held in Zadar, Croatia with national makers’ community. We are excited to host the next seminar to discuss the following topics:

  • What is the place of makers and fab labs in the politics and future strategies of the EU?
  • How makers mobility is supporting the development of Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How should we shape Makertour, a collaborative platform to foster cross-boarder makers’ projects?

Help us extend the path of tomorrow’s projects “from the citizen idea to the European policy” by joining the 4th Vulca seminar.

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