Vulca Seminars were created as a following step of Vulca Tours, enabling the makers’ community to interconnect with each other, deepening the sense of belonging to the community VULCA is developing.

Through Seminars, we want to emphasise different makers’ communities in Europe. Each year, our seminar is organised in a different place and country in Europe, and topics are adapted based on key efforts of the welcoming community.

Seminars are open to everyone who thinks the maker movement makes a positive impact and we want to encourage everyone (makers, hackers, researchers, …) to meet and discuss with each other.

6th EDITION (already)

Previous editions of VULCA Seminar brought us to several European countries such as France, Poland or Portugal. In 2023 VULCA community will be reunited in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We visited Slovenia in 2017, meeting Kreator Lab in Maribor, and then Zavod 404, Poligon and Rog Lab in Ljubljana. Years after, we kept relations with some of them through different projects and events.

2023 is the right moment to organise something together, and the new CENTER ROG seems to be the perfect place to host the VULCA community for 3 days of conference, workshops and networking.


Here is our motto for 2023. We are all taking part in different networks, in different countries and involved in diverse projects. It’s quite complicated to understand networks but they are essential when it comes to cooperation and especially hosting the right international maker in residency ! These 3 days will give you some answers and especially make you meet the key people we have met on the road these last years.


Before publishing the definitive program, we always provide the « proto-program » to help you better understand what to expect everyday.

  • Mornings will be split in two parts: (1) Conference style with talks and round tables for those interested in long discussions and exchanging thoughts, and (2) Hands-on style where you will take part in group of makers that will make a meaningful project for Center Rog
  • Afternoons we will spend in workshops and working groups
  • Application to give a talk or lead a workshop is available following this link


This year, we are introducing some changes related to the ticketing. Last year in Portugal, we agreed VULCA is growing and should be more supported by its community. One way to suggested was to start pricing the Seminar which should stop being supported by donation basis only. This is why we decided to charge for the seminar. 

Pricing :
Each day we can have the maximum of 100 participants. This is why we offer both daily and full-time ticket.

    Early bird tickets will be available until and including the 23rd of September which marks 2 months before the seminar. Here is how they will work:
    (1) Daily tickets will be sold 15€ by day. When you are buying the ticket, you need to indicate for which day(s) you take it.
    (2) Full-time tickets give you access to all days of the seminar. Price of a single full-time ticket is 45€
    Both ticket types include full daily access to the seminar between 9am to 6pm, access to all program content, coffee breaks and lunch meals provided by organisers.
    Sunday, 26th, the last day of Seminar, is free for everyone.
    Late bird ticket sales starts on 24th of September. If not sold out by that time, you can still take both Daily and Full-time tickets, but price changes. Daily ticket will be 25€, and Full-time ticket will be 75€
    If more than 3 people from the same Makerspace (or any organisation) want to buy a ticket, we recommend you to contact us for a group price. This offer is only available if your team stays the 3 days.
  • Limited number of tickets
    Also, one more important information. This year we can provide only 100 tickets in total per diam. For logistic reasons our host settled this limit and we’ll strictly respect it.

Sales will begin on Thursday 27th April 2023 


Ljubljana is located at the intersection of major European transportation routes, half way between Vienna and Venice. It is easily accessible by train, from the highway, and by air, with Ljubljana Jože Pučnik international airport being only a short drive away.


you have 2 transportation options; you can either take a taxi or private transfer or you can take the bus. Taking a Ljubljana airport taxi or private transfer to the city is undoubtedly the easiest and most reliable travel option. Ljubljana taxis offer 24/7 door-to-door services in the comfort of a private vehicle, taking you to your Ljubljana hotel in just 30 minutes. For a more cost-savvy option, you can take the bus from Ljubljana airport to the city centre, which would take around 50 minutes.


By Bus  : Taking the Alpetour bus No. 28 is a great cost-savvy option for travellers on a budget. The bus provides frequent transportation straight to the city centre, in just 50 minutes.
A one-way ticket from Ljubljana International Airport to city centre bus costs €4.10. You can purchase your ticket directly from the bus driver.

The Alpetour bus can be found in front of the airport terminal (Letališče Brnik). You will then need to alight at the main bus station (Avtobusna Postaja Ljubljana), located in front of Ljubljana’s Train Station, just 10 minutes walking distance from Prešeren Square.

Taking the bus is a great option to get from Ljubljana airport to the central bus station, as bus tickets are cheap and buses run frequently. However, please keep the bus timetables in mind, as if you arrive in the evening or during the night, you will have to find an alternative solution.


Find more information and the itinerary here.


  • By Taxis
    They are supposed to be reasonably priced in Slovenia, especially when compared to other European cities.

    Charges range between €0.80 and €1.50 for the starting fee and from €0.70 to €1.70 per kilometre. A taxi ride from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport to Ljubljana costs from €20.00 to €45.00. Ljubljana taxis have a bad reputation for overpricing tourists. That is why it is highly recommended to prebook your taxi or private transfer with a reliable company at a fixed rate.

VENUE: Lecture and conference will be in the hall of Center Rog

Workshops will happen in the  Production labs in Center Rog

Ending party will be in the CenterRog

Find out more : HERE

Hostel Celica
In the city center, 500 m to Center Rog

Metelkova 8
1000 Ljubljana

+386 1 230 97 00

+386 51 495 599


Find a room HERE
B&B HOTEL Ljubljana Park ***
In the city center, 400 m to Center Rog

Tabor 9 , 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

+386 1 300 2 500


Find a room HERE

URBAN BOUTIQUE Hotel Center ****
In the city center, 400 m to Center Rog
Štefanova 4, 1000 ljubljana, Slovenia

+386 70 355 000


Find a room HERE

In the city center, 1,3 km to Center Rog

Slovenska cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
+ 386 591 28000


Find a room HERE
Booking :
Find a room HERE

Find a room HERE.

☆ Note about free accomodation ☆

This year, our local partner can’t afford free accomodation for some participants


  • Ljubljana Tourist Information Centre (TIC) – HERE
  • Ljubljana’s Castle – HERE
  • Tivoli Gardens – city park – HERE
  • National Gallery – main art museum in Slovenia – HERE
  • Museum of Architecture & Design – HERE
  • Ljubljana ZOO – HERE

EAT DRINK and Party in Ljubljana :
Ek bistro – breakfast and brunch- HERE
Bazilika – breakfast, lunch, healthy – HERE
Slovenska hiša – local food – HERE
My Dumplings Of Slovenia – local food – HERE
Burek Olimpija – local food – HERE
Pop’s Pizza – pizza&pasta – HERE
Pizzeria Parma – pizza – HERE
Veganika – vegan bistro – HERE
Hood Burger – quick food, burgers – HERE
Odprta Kuhna – street food, every Friday – HERE
Petkovšek Bar – cafe bar – HERE
Pritličje – daily cafe bar, music in the evening – HERE
Dvorni bar – wine bar – HERE
Daktari – café bar, several events in the evening – HERE
Lajbah Craft Beer – local craft beer – HERE
Circus club – night club – HERE
Metelkova mesto – alternative culture centre – HERE
Orto bar – concert venue, rock music – HERE
Klub K4 – night club, electronic music – HERE
Prulček – bar, live music, jazz – HERE


Vulca is an association that exists thanks to volunteers. Therefore, we don’t have our continuous source of funding.

But we can envision one of the following options:

  1. We can connect you to makers travelling from your area, who are planning to arrive by their own car. In October we will put in touch participants that (1) agree to drive other makers to the event and (2) participants that approach us with questions about assisting them with travel.
    Send us an email to let us know: seminar@program-vulca.eu

  2. If you can be reimbursed for your travel expenses throughout your organisation, we can issue an official invitation letter, or provide a document upon your request that can support your arrival.

Send us an email to get more info: seminar@program-vulca.eu

Not this year, unfortunately with our local partner, we can’t afford any free accomodation.

Sure we’re always up to match-make Vulca community !

Since we already know personally most of you quite well, it will not be complicated to connect you with your best roommate ever. We already started a list of participants looking for sharing accomodation.

Send us an email to let us know: seminar@program-vulca.eu

One day access to the seminar is 15€
If more than 3 people from the same Makerspace (or organisation) want to buy a ticket, we recommend you to contact us for a group price.
This offer is only available if your team stays the 3 days and only until 23rd September.

Send us an email to let us know: seminar@program-vulca.eu

Great you will be joining with your family.
Yes you will need to take a specific « kid ticket » for them. The way to get them is available only by email.

They will be here

Meta S.

Center ROG
Ljubljana - Slovenia


FabLab neuchatel
Neuchatel - Switzerland


Hackerspace Castellon -
Castellon - Spain


TagWerk Makerspace
Bautzen - Germany


Montemor O Novo - PORTUGAL


email seminar@vulca.eu
to pre-book your ticket



Aleksandra Sljukic
Seminar coordinator, Vulca
Lucija Jankovec
Seminar coordinator, Center Rog
Tina Deu
Communication and public relation, Center Rog
Alexandre Rousselet
CommuniCATION and Community management, Vulca