A new explorer start his journey, supported by VULCA

Spanish erasmus makers in Poland in 2023 wants to explore makerspaces, fablabs and hackerspaces of the country. Let’s learn more about him and his coming tour

Daniel, can you introduce yourself please :

« From a very early age, I started showing interest in mechanics and inventions. This was highly motivated by the curious technical influence of my close family, in which we’ve always advocated for making the most of every little thing, scavenging broken devices and gathering even the smallest pieces to repurpose them.

I spent the early days of my life making my own toys and discovering every single branch of technology that I encountered finding computing, electronic hardware and robotics especially interesting.

With that I started studying my degree in Electronics and Automatization in my town’s university, where I was finally able to name what I had been doing my whole life: “DIY-ing.”

University provided me with the right people and the right tools to fully develop my curiosity, and how easy it was to learn things by doing projects and being reached by other people of my age, a far cry of conventional teaching.

A feeling of gratitude that I wanted to share with other people through the maker movement. Soon enough I met Vulca’s representatives, and I got familiar with their mission, in which I fell in love instantly. Which led me to contact them during my Erasmus Exchange in order for them to provide me with advice and different resources to spread the word about this wonderful, community-based movement. »


Daniel [Make]ing fun of [Make]ing things

Located in Opole city, in south east of Poland, Daniel will mostly travel using public transports such as train or bus.

Between January to June 2023, Daniel will be exploring every weekend as much as possible makerspaces, Fablabs and Hackerspaces (if still existing)

  • Krakow
  • Wroclaw
  • Lublin
  • Bielsko Biala
  • Bydgoszcz
  • Lodz
  • Trojmiasto (x3)
  • Warsaw

    > Other cities or small town also possible
    depending train or bus connection


This map was made by the collective MakeHackFab. Some of these spaces are not existing anymore
This picture was taken in 2016 during one of the first meeting of the makers collective MakeHackFab

Just a few words about Daniel, the VULCA new explorer going to Poland?

« It brings me back a lot of souvenir with Nicolas de Barquin (From OpenFab, Belgium). Him and I explored +10 polish makerspaces in 2018 in one months all over the country.

  • Trojmiasto Hackerspace
  • Fablab Gdansk
  • Poklad Makerspace
  • Fablab Lodz
  • Fablab Slupsk
  • Hackerspace Krakow
  • Wytwornia Krakow MS
  • Pin Workshop
  • Nokia Garage Lab
  • Hackerspace Wrocław
  • Pracownia fablab
  • Pralnia Makerspace
  • Zakład

Also, Poland means a lot of us because in 2019 we have organised our 3rd VULCA seminar in Poznan, hosted in Zaklad Makerspace (closed today) where at the same time, the Polish MakeHackFab Collective met for the second time.

On this picture, Grzegorz Belica is giving a talk about a European Project his fablab was part of and explaining the diversity of the makers/Hackers/Fabers movement in Poland

Grzegorz Belica - Vulca Seminar 2019 - Poznan

We are still connected to most of them. But sadly some of other definitely closed, mostly when the Pandemic arrived.

Polish makers are really welcomed. It was one of our best VULCA TOUR in +8 years. We are sure Daniel will be warmly welcomed also in 2023.


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