Welcome REMI 🚐

A new explorer start his journey, supported by VULCA and RFFLabs

With his grey van, Remi prepare his EUROPEAN VULCA TOUR of Fablab, Makerspaces and Hackerspaces. He started in France in 2021 with the help of the French Fablab Network (RFFLabs). Today, in 2022, his wheels are warm enough to drive in neighboring countries.


Remi tell us a bit more about himself

"My name is Rémi and I was born in the mid-80s. I grew up in the south west of France with my brother where our parents taught us the art of making, sharing and curiosity. After building tiny houses, repairing motorbike and hacking computers in my village, I discovered the city while studying in Bordeaux to become a technology teacher. Indeed, I wanted to continue hacking, tinkering, recycling while sharing this with others and the educatio system was perfect for it.

For 15 years, I’ve been doing school projects, concerts in Parisian venues, helping my friends building their houses, playing alternatively basketball and football, reading a lot about low-tech philosophy and piles of wood cut in winter to keep me and my family warm.

I decided to turn towards other horizons, while keeping this desire to share my experiences and my skills, by being more interested in the new ways of doing things FabLabs and makerspaces. So here I am, on the road to meet people and their projects, in order to create a link between all these initiatives, before embarking on this adventure myself!"
Remi preparing his next VULCA TOUR

His first tour out of his native country will be during +3 weeks in North of Spain. (You can see the road map below). For Remi, touring in Europe is a wonderful way to learn new language, meet other culture and understand the different model of open-workshop, before to get back to his family village, in the south ouest of France and start also his Open-Workshop including a space for makers in residency. As Alex.R is currently doing with Mountain Makers.


If you are in his road, contact Remi. He can probably make a stop in your city or village.

Just a few words about our FIRST VULCA explorer.

Even if he started hitchhiking or by bus/train/plane with Nicolas between 2015 and 2016, he quickly decided to buy his own van.

Indeed, the van allows the VULCA EXPLORERS to go to every village or rural area, such as FabFarm in Algarve (south of Portugal) or Pralnia MakerSpace in Sokolowsko (Poland) or visiting Tzoumaker, in Kalentzi (Greece).

Alex has driven for +150 000 Km in 36 Countries, visiting +400 makers communities, which make VULCA one of the most connected NGOs to the Europeans Makers movement so far.

Now Remi and Alex will work and explore Europe together. Each of them will make their own roadmap. They will also participate and represent VULCA in as many as possible European Makers Events, promoting Makers Mobility and the concept of Residency for Makers that should be more common in European Makerspace and Labs.
For the maker movement, each VULCA TOUR is a chance to be connected to each other with the help of an explorer that make the link. Indeed, our makerspaces explorers allow better connection for those that need to be more linked in order to learn, make and share together.

As an exemple, Constance Garnier was personally connected to 13 European Fablabs to finish her research in 2019. Or also, Buinho was connected to Fablab Cuenca for a EU project that they got in 2021. Or Navid Lari, a Belgium Makers from Open Fab found his residency in Fablab Vagur (Feroe Island) in 2022.

Navid Lari,
The picture below wouldn’t exist if our explorers wouldn’t be on the road meeting Fablabs and makers to match-make them.

Navid, a Belgium Maker in Residency in Fablab Vagur (Feroe Island)

Remi and Alexandre,
Are on the wheels and ready to drive until your Fablab, Makerspace, Hackerspace or Open-Workshop. They would be also pleased to take part to your conference, seminar or hackathon and share with you and your audience, what they have seen in hundreds spaces in Europe.

The best way to meet them ?

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