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Thomas Sanz


Since the end of February 2022 and the commencement of war in Ukraine, Vulca started working more closely with the makers’ community to search for solutions for displaced Ukrainian makers, and those who are still in Ukraine. In this article we will share what was done, and how you can help.

The development of a platform dedicated to makers’ mobility.

In 2021, Vulca merged with a French NGO – MakerTour – that gave us the platform they developed ( This platform was initially used for documenting fablabs and makerspaces all over the world with an emphasis on different projects they run within their space. As a Vulca NGO, we are very interested in assessing existing programs covering makers mobility and in facilitating the mobility of makers, so we started to extend this documentation, to eventually create a go-to platform for makers looking for residency opportunities. The infrastructure this platform had… Lire la suite »The development of a platform dedicated to makers’ mobility.

Vulca What’s next?

VULCA, what’s next? Webinar to present the future of Vulca Tuesday 30th June 2020 6.30 to 8.00 pm (CET) Vulca webinar registration WEBINAR AGENDA VULCA NEW BOARD 10 minutes – Lead by Nicolas Fifre Our historical board will be changing after 5 years. Since the beginning of Vulca, the members of our board have been: Nicolas Fifre, Co-Founder and President, Louis Reignaud, Treasurer, and Marjorie Ansion, Secretary We are very happy that they have been part of Vulca journey, contributing to the development of the association. However, their life started… Lire la suite »Vulca What’s next?

The first connection, the hardest one

Since the beginning, Vulca has been regularly requested to create connections between people and/or spaces. If at the beginning we did “on the go”, gradually we have developed a specific methodology with a focus on human proximity. Alquimétricos, maker organization originating from Brazil, contacted Vulca to help with establishing new connections in Europe. This is the story of how we did it. 2020 Update: Due to COVID-19 pandemic context, most events in Europe and around the world were postponed or canceled. Alquimétricos was invited to be part of Vulca network… Lire la suite »The first connection, the hardest one