VULCA, what's next?

Webinar to present the future of Vulca

Tuesday 30th June 2020

6.30 to 8.00 pm (CET)



10 minutes - Lead by Nicolas Fifre

Our historical board will be changing after 5 years. Since the beginning of Vulca, the members of our board have been:

  • Nicolas Fifre, Co-Founder and President,

  • Louis Reignaud, Treasurer, and

  • Marjorie Ansion, Secretary

We are very happy that they have been part of Vulca journey, contributing to the development of the association. However, their life started moving into a new exciting direction making them less involved in the association’s activities. That is why they would like to leave their respective places to people that will bring new energy and involve more into the association to better represent the Community.

Discover who are the new faces of Vulca Board


20 minutes - Lead by Aleksandra Sljukic and Roberto Vdovic

Each year Vulca organises a seminar in another country to create time and space where the community can meet and discover the local makers movement. This year, we had to postpone it, but we have some good news and announcements. With the team from and Croatia, we will organise the 4th seminar in Zadar, Croatia. Join us to learn more about the agenda, how to participate or become a volunteer.


10 minutes - Lead by Alexandre Rousselet

With 150 000 kilometers travelled and more than 330 M_Hackerspaces, Fablabs and Open Workshops visited, it is time to prepare the future of VULCA TOUR.

Join us to know where the next road will take us and how to make sure we visit your space.


40 minutes - Lead by Thomas Sanz

We are so excited to introduce you our new tool to developp the M-Hackers Mobility in Europe;

With Experimenta we will go in the heart of M_Hackers in residency and share to you the best practice found !

Don’t miss our webinar to learn more about it!

We will conclude this webinar with Q&A to answer all of your questions.

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