The main objective of Vulca is to enable the mobility of creatives/makers, as well as to encourage and increase cross- border collaboration and transdisciplinary knowledge exchange.

Vulca developed a broad network of fab labs and makerspaces, and established 4 actions:

Tour > Seminar > Documentation > Services/Cooperation

Our actions

Vulca Tour

to identify communities

Vulca seminar

to let community meet and discuss

Vulca documentation

to disseminate info and match-make makers & spaces

Vulca services & cooperation

to bridge communities & start projects together

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Vulca Tour

Vulca has a team that has been traveling across Europe (EU and non-EU countries) for the past 6 years to explore the makers’ movement. The aim is to personally meet makers’ communities ranging from makerspaces and fablabs in capitals and urban areas to the rural regions of different countries, keeping inclusiveness and openness as key values of the Vulca network.

Between 2016 and 2021 Vulca has visited more than 350 spaces in 36 countries.


Vulca Seminar

The action we created as a following step of Vulca Tours is enabling the community to interconnect with each other, deepening the sense of belonging to the network Vulca is developing. Every year Vulca organizes a seminar in a different place and country in Europe to keep the association and its actions decentralised.

Next Seminar will take place in Croatia, Zadar with a national team focused on STEAM education, entrepreneurship, residency, promoting sustainability on islands and green technologies.

Vulca Documentation

In 2021, MakerTour decided to merge with Vulca and donate their website which we are jointly converting into a collaborative platform for independent makers, maker spaces, fab labs, hackerspaces, NGOs to help find partners, and start international projects.

For spaces and projects we discover, we strive to document everything that matters, sharing inspiring web content as a first step for future collaboration together.

We are passionately connecting all the engaged people, local communities & leading organisations we meet!


Vulca Service/Cooperation

In 2018, Vulca started to engage in intersectoral, intercultural & cross-border projects. Today, we are experienced in:

(1) Match-making the right partners in the makers’ movement; we can search for partners and disseminate the result of projects in +36 countries and +350 makers communities.

(2) Advising future makerspaces or makers community looking for scaling up with new strategy.

(3) Coordinating learning expedition; we analyse your project and we organise a visit of the space(s) and community(ies) that is the most inspiring for you.

(4) Joining a consortium; around an European project. Where our resposability are mostly about match’making during the project and dissemination. (Communication and result project)

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