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The biggest value of the Vulca network is the personal meeting we established with all of our members through Vulca Tours. 

Being in the field helped us to develop a deep understanding of different needs of citizens and to build a network that covers a wide geographical scope. These connections are later maintained through distributed projects, informal meetings and annual Vulca Seminars. 

Personal connection with all our members.

VULCA aims at building a future European society that fosters innovation and cooperation at the citizen level

Vulca relies on the makers, a community gathered around different creative spaces, namely fablabs, maker and hackerspaces, biolabs and open farms, on their know-how and craftsmanship as a creative outlet for local and global challenges.

Watch the video and discover +100 european makerspaces explored by Vulca!

The personal connection made Vulca realise the full potential of makers’ community and the impact citizens’ skills and knowledge make at the local level in such spaces. Overall Vulca network gathers “makers” – people that make or produce something on the local level.

The Maker Movement is a global phenomenon impacting the future of work, product development, education and learning, promoting sustainable waste management and more.

The map below displays a geo-location of fablabs and makerspaces visited by our explorers during past years, but network is continuously growing. More about network, and how we are discovering spaces, read in Vulca Tour

The efforts and the prosperity of the makers’ movement have been also already recognized by the European Commission (DG Joint Research Center), with the result of publishing two reports: “Overview of the Maker Movement in the European Union”, a first technical report in 2017. In 2018, the Science for Policy report was published addressing “Future of Work: Perspective from the Maker Movement”.


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