3rd to 9th August 2020

Vulca Experimenta methodology includes one week immersion in the town of our Proof Of Concept partners.

We know how much is important to see on spot the community and their dynamic to really understand it remotely. So we offer an unique experience to those who want to visit a Makerspace project which starts by including residency for M-Hackers from the beginning.

The first open door week will be organized in Manzat (Fr) and we invite our network to join the future Makerspace including 6 residencies for m_hackers between the 3rd and 9th August 2020. (The next open door will be in 2021 in Casa Branca – Portugal)

1 week immersion in Manzat

to experience in real condition

Weekly planning overview


Working group & Workshops, we will discuss and share experience with each other.


Depending our skills and knowledge we will work on renovation. Take your gloves and dirty clothes.


Sightseeing in the region. Make sure to bring your swimsuit, tuba and sun glasses

Computer Aided Design

We will need to 3D model differents things. We plan to provide a couple of 3D printers on spot ! Your CAD skills will be helpful


Laying a concrete slab, dealing with pipeline and electricity, cutting wood and metal ... you should find something to put your strength on it here

Communication & Translation

We want to write and translate the project into several languages (to make it easier for anyone to understand). Having multilingual community on spot is an opportunity we don't want to miss

Meeting and sharing

Importantly, we want this week to be a unique opportunity for local citizens and international M_Hackers to meet and share experience.

Meet the local community

This is the local community that start to grow

and see here a representative panel of them

Everyone new comers arriving anytime during the week will have a dedicated time with a local volunteer to visit the village, the future Makerspace & residencies + the room to stay.

Meet international M_Hackers

They already booked their week to come to Manzat
and learn more about this local project supported by Vulca Experimenta

Frequently asked questions

You can stay from 1 to 7 days. As you wish we will welcome you in Manzat. Just make sure to arrive between 3rd and 9th August

Accomodation: We can host up to 20 people for free.

Transport: You should pay your own travel expense (Since you arrive in Clermont-Ferrand, we will take care of you to bring you to Manzat for free).

Meal: It will be a participative budget for financing meal for everyone.
2 to 3 times during the week we will all together go to the local market or buy food to local farmers. Then we will cook together.


Manzat is located 30 min far from the city of Clermont-Ferrand (the biggest city of this region). Manage to reach this city and we will catch you up there

Paris or Lyon have good connections have both good connection to Clermont-Ferrand. 

There are several ways to reach Clermont-Ferrand then even by bus, train or sharing cars.

This plateform is a good start for you (Don’t hesitate to contact Alexandre Rousselet to help you)


You will be invited to help on renovation, so it would be great if you come with your own glows and dirty clothes.

Also we will do some work office ! Don’t forget to take your laptop !

We will enjoy the countryside (lakes, rivers, forest, farms …) Please, take some good shoes, your swimsuit and sunglasses.


Chain of volcanoes that you can visit or even swim in their lakes, crossing giant viaducts on a sharing bike or explore the tons of small old Bridge from roman empire, enjoy all the Rivers and the national parc of the « Chaîne des Puys ». Don’t forget to visit the famous Michelin Museom or Vulcania !

MANZAT & French Specialities

Cheese, Baguette, Snails, Wine ( … )

The French gastronomy is known all over the world for its quality and diversity.

It is the fruit of a secular heritage and is also constantly evolving thanks to its professionals who continue to revisit their classics to always surprise and satisfy us.

IIn Manzat, we will visit local productors, cheese farm and eat their daily product during the week

To reach Manzat

The main city is « Clermont-Ferrand – Auvergne ».
Target this city and we will pick you up !

Otherwise the place is :
14 rue des Ecoles

63410 Manzat
Auvergne, France

Contact: Alexandre Rousselet –