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Vulca What’s next?

VULCA, what’s next? Webinar to present the future of Vulca Tuesday 30th June 2020 6.30 to 8.00 pm (CET) Vulca webinar registration WEBINAR AGENDA VULCA NEW BOARD 10 minutes – Lead by Nicolas Fifre Our historical board will be changing after 5 years. Since the beginning of Vulca, the members of our board have been: Nicolas Fifre, Co-Founder and President, Louis Reignaud, Treasurer, and Marjorie Ansion, Secretary We are very happy that they have been part of Vulca journey, contributing to the development of the association. However, their life started… Lire la suite »Vulca What’s next?

Makers Mobility Pilot Project

What is a Pilot Project A pilot project is an actual implementation of the working system with real people, but on a limited scale. European Union with Erasmus or Creative Europe formed exchange program to encourage the mobility of citizens in Europe, but at this stage, the makers movement can only make it by hand, in small quantities. Some of the makerspaces are interested, but we need more makerspace-use to iron out the kinks, and justify the scaling-up of maker mobility programs in Europe. Vulca want europe to try and… Lire la suite »Makers Mobility Pilot Project