Nicolas and Alex in Iceland
Everything started in 2013. Nicolas and Alex were Erasmus students. Alex was studying in Ireland (Sligo) and Nicolas in Scotland (Aberdeen).

In 2014 when they came back to France they made the same conclusion : it had been the best year of their lives ! One year to acquire new skills and knowledge, discover new cultures and learn a new language ! Nicolas and Alex decided to create a new European Program focusing on the fablabs network and the Makers Movement.

They spent one year reading a lot of articles and watching many videos about the fablab movement. They contacted several fablabs in Europe and offered to come visit them, meet their communities and discuss the VULCA project.



Between 2015 and 2017 they spent 3 years traveling in Europe to meet more than 200 fablabs in 20 different European countries. A general overview to understand how the fablabs network is growing in Europe, learn about their different economic and structural models, as well as the needs they have. At the same time they presented them /explained to them their idea to create a new European Global Mobility Program and they got a lot of support to keep going and never give up.

Summer 2017, Vulca was selected for a talk at FAB13 in Chile Santiago : an international Fablab conference organised by the Fabfoundation. A wonderful opportunity to introduce Vulca's concept in Latin America in front of hundreds of makers. Since then, Fabfoundation has been supporting us. Then, Vulca got the chance to pitch the concept at the MakerFaire Rome. The biggest Makers' exhibition in Europe. Vulca is now evolving on an international level.

In October 2017, with the support of their partners, Nicolas and Alex decided to organise #OctoberMake, a strategic European seminar to design/frame the future of VULCA. From 25th to 29th October 16 european fabmanagers joined this gathering, representing 10 different countries.

Let introduce our coordination Team

In 2018, our Vulca team is growing. The coordination-Board now includes 5 persons : Laurie, Flavia, Sabri, Nicolas and Alex, helped by 15 others colleagues from 10 different countries.

Thanks to our European fablab network and our partners we are following several experiences in Europe that we will document.

We are now connected with the European Commission to discuss diverse issues as « How to engage EU citizens to "MAKE" in diverse European contexts & communities for an innovative future ? The Fablabs newtork is part of the solution »

Every fablab interested can take part for 2019. Makers can also participate in this experience ! Join us !

Let introduce our coordination Team
Let introduce our coordination Team