Take part of the 4th edition

Inspired by 3 years of exploring Europe from local initiatives to EU thematics, we are organizing the 4th VULCA Seminar.

Vulca seminar has 4 objectives:

Network & Team building

Network & team build in a multicultural, interdisciplinary environment

Global challenges

Discuss the impact makers’ movement and mobility of individuals have on solving global challenges

Future of policymaking

Discuss the way citizens’ initiatives with « on-the-field » approach can influence the future of policymaking

Vulca adventure

Vulca activities are based on volunteers’ initiatives, join our European journey


Our journey made us enthusiastic to gather people with various backgrounds and different professions, to create a community of people working towards solutions for collective problems.

Around 100 participants will come from all over Europe believing you don’t have to be a professional stakeholder to make a contribution to the future of the European Union. And we think citizens’ hobbyist ideas can and are already making changes.

Let’s meet in Zadar to better understand how makers are changing the face of the European Union, focusing on two main topics:

What is the place of MHackers and fab labs in the politics and future strategies of the EU ?

We realized that innovative programs come from the gathering between an institutional vision and an inspired individual that has “on the field” experience. That is why it is essential to create a space and time where researchers, makers, institutional representatives can interact informally. We would like to reach a common ground and see how makers can make their ideas more visible and on the other hand, how policymakers can reach more easily ideas “from the field”.

Help us extend the path of tomorrow’s projects “from the citizen idea to the European policy” by joining the 4th Vulca seminar.

How MHackers mobility is supporting the development of Sustainable Development Goals ?

We believe that mobility brings the MHackers community together and enables easier conduction of distributed projects, which would help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In general, the cross-border activities can better implement collective solutions in order to reach overall development plans, reduce future economic, environmental and social disparities, strengthen economic competitiveness, increase the quality of education and reduce poverty.

We would love welcome Policy Makers, Researchers, MHackers from all around Europe to Zadar, Croatia to discuss more reaching SDGs through MHackers movement.

Interested in something else? Give us your suggestion!


Take part in shaping Vulca Seminar 2020 – propose a topic and organize a workshop or bring new energy and expand your network

Host a workshop or a working group

Sharing ideas is the first step towards reaching a goal – faster! Having a team makes the journey easier and we know it.

That is why we are looking for enthusiasts to share their projects and long-term visions in a vibrant intercultural and interdisciplinary atmosphere.

Applications for MHackers and Researchers will be open from the 1st of November. More detail coming soon.

Become a volunteer

If you are interested in the MHackers movement or want to learn what it actually is, volunteering is a great start.

Whether you are interested in social media managing, managing attendees or helping on the spot during the seminar, there is a place for you. If you want to join us feel free to contact us.

The official call for volunteers will be open on the 1st of December. Stay tuned!

Organiser team

Aleks Sljukic (RS-HR)


« It’s all about strong coffee and strong arguments « 

Roberto Vdovic (HR)

Coordinator Assistant (HRV)

« The most connected of the world »

Krešimir Groš (HR)

Partnership & Fundraising

« Zadar, capital of the world »

Morana Pap (HR)

Coordinator Assistant

« Architect, scientist, educator and child in heart »

Inesa Melnyk (UA)

Coordinator Assistant

« Living her life with « spoko » vibes « 

Thomas Sanz (FR)

Researcher Coordinator

« Map-making enthusiast »

Alex Rousselet (FR)

European Explorer

« Lives in a van, wannabe Eric Clapton »

Charles Paulas Victor (FR)


« Music is the answer »


To be announced …

Peter Troxler (NL)


Paulo Rosa (IT)


Simona Moise (RO)

Lab Manager

Nicolas De Barquin (BL)


They already booked a ticket

We are pleased to receive and welcome Policy Makers, Researchers, MHackers from all over Europe to Zadar, Croatia. Join us !

56 attendees (So far)

19 countries (So far)



Address : Sokolska ul., 23000, Zadar, Croatia 

Zadar, Croatia 

The conference will take place in the historical center of the town. The venue will be both in the St.Dominic church linked to the modern Puppets theater of Zadar.

Zadar is a Croatian city on the coast of the Adriatic, center of the northern Dalmatia. With its 73 thousand inhabitants, Zadar is the fifth largest city in Croatia, a city whose long history dates back to ancient times, a city full of sights to see.

Lunch & Coffee break

  • Coffee breaks with sweets and snacks, twice by day, free for all attendee
  • Free lunch will be provided every day; all attendees will be provided vouchers for the restaurant that is 3 min by walk away from the venue


Official Language

Official language is English.


Letter of invitation: Organizing Committee will issue the Letter of Invitation upon request, to be used for visa application and for your employer. Please send your request to the Vulca Seminar organisers: seminar@vulca.eu

How to arrive to Zadar ?

By airplane:

Zadar Airport Zemunik (ZAD) has good connections with most cities in Europe and Croatia. It is situated 20 minutes from the city centre and there are several ways to reach it:

  • Public transportation – buses
  • By car
  • Taxi
  • Rent a car

More information can be found at http://www.zadar-airport.hr/

By car:

There are few roads that lead to Zadar, but we recommend highway A1 (route Zagreb-Split). You should take exit Zadar istok (Zadar east) or Zadar zapad (Zadar west).

By ferry:

If you are coming from Italy, the shortest possible route is through Ancona by ferry to Zadar. The journey lasts about 8 hours (departure is normally at 22:00 and arrival at 06:00) and the advantage of such a trip is that it is much more pleasant and you are under less stress. More information can be found at http://www.jadrolinija.hr/.

By bus:

Zadar is the centre of north Dalmatia and very well connected with other Croatian and bigger European towns. More information about buses can be found at http://www.liburnija-zadar.hr.

Once you have arrived in the town, please let us know. Either by email (seminar@vulca.eu) or on the telegram group. We hope that your travel and your staying in Zadar will be pleasant. If you need additional help or advice, feel free to contact us at seminar@vulca.eu

Recommended housing options

Zadar is a very walkable city, with a charming old town bordering directly to the mediterranean sea. The locations of the conference is within easy reach from downtown Zadar.

Hostels in the Old Town (from 1 to 6 min walk to the Venue) from 2 star ** to 4 star **** :

Airbnb is also very popular in Zadar :

More info for Airbnb HERE

Couchsurfing is also an option :

More info HERE

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