Vulca experimenta

To experience residency for Makers

In 2020 and for some years Vulca Initiative (including explorers and seminars organisers) will team up with:
Several panel of founders of existing residency M_Hackerspaces + Researchers + Sponsors + A couple of future founders of M_Hackerspaces including from the beginning a dedicated place for M_Hackers in residency.

We are particulary interested to observe in real condition

How M_Hackers in Mobility,
Revitalise local territories but also contribute to a cohesive society in a European Union context encouraging the unity in the diversity!

We will also osberve how M_Hackers exchange,
Raise awareness of a European learning area, promoting the EU’s broad linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness and  promoting their culture.

We also discover how M_Hakers in residency,
Encourage active EU citizenship to share their experience, skills and knowledges and by the way complement policy reforms at local & regional level to support the development of knowledge and evidence-based policy as well as recognition of non-formal and informal learning,

And to conclude we aim to writte an recommendations concerning a European M_Hackers Mobility Framework. All of this work will be done for the benefit of the Makers Movement and public authorities highlighting the strategic importance of including the reception of Makers in Residency from the creation and/or development of a Makerspaces

An to Enhanced employability and improved career prospects which is relevant for the labour market.

Our Methodology

Timeline of a vulca experimenta


Defining the topic

Based on our tour, and with the community we will define topic of interest.

Finding partners

We will look inside our community for potential partners dedicated to this topic.


With those partners we will construct together the development process of this experience.


We will confront the experience of makerspaces who want to be involved in the topic with others ones more experienced.


All the process of development of this space will lead to a documentation of the way to replicate models in a new spaces.


  • Visiting 350 MHS_FL helped us to identify those that already experience residency for M_Hackers,
  • Also, organising European seminar since 2017 helped us to understand several model of organising a residency for m_hackers in different conditions !

We feel ready to gather a community of people and group of organisation that we met to experience in real condition several M_Hackers residency model offering us the possibility to observe each of them and figure out what’s work the best or not !

Understand the way to replicate

To understand existing residency model used by makerspace and how they can be replicated to new ones.

Create usefull documentation

To Create an open-source documentation to help makerspace to take the right decision in the construction of project including international residency

Process of a Vulca experimenta

Our first topic

Makers residencies in Rural Area