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Vulca Seminars were created as a following step of Vulca Tours, enabling the makers’ community to interconnect with each other, deepening the sense of belonging to the network Vulca is developing.

Through Seminars, we want to emphasise different makers’ communities in Europe. Each year, our seminar is organised in a different place and country in Europe, and topics are adapted based on key efforts of the welcoming community.

Seminars are open to everyone who thinks the maker movement makes a positive impact and we want to encourage everyone (makers, hackers, researchers, …) to join by keeping seminars free of charge.



Fundão, Portugal


10 to 13
November 2022


Municipality of Fundão and its Fab Lab

Moto of the 5th Vulca seminar: From distributed initiatives to #MakersInResidency

We believe distributed projects are the first step of starting your own #MakersInResidency adventure, and building a stronger network among makers. Here are the topics we want to explore with you:

  • How to conduct Distributed projects in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Education, Research..?
  • How to create new #MakersInResdiency opportunities?
  • How to improve Makertour, a collaborative platform to foster residency for makers?
  • Is there a need for creating a new European organization to coordinate and support distributed makers’ initiatives? 

We build the seminar program in a bottom-up manner

This means we build seminar with our community, and we want to learn what are topics that are of interest in the maker’s community. And we invite you to propose talks or workshop.

VS 2022 GUIDE (everything you need)

The best option is to reach Porto or Lisbon by plane, train or car,
BY CAR A1 Highway – A25 Highway – A23 Highway
BY BUS Rede Nacional de Expressos: more info HERE.
BY TRAIN CP – Comboios de Portugal: more info HERE.
BY CAR A1 Highway – A25 Highway – A23 Highway
BY BUS Rede Nacional de Expressos: more info HERE.
BY TRAIN CP – Comboios de Portugal:more info HERE.

Workshops will happen in the Fablab of Fundão.

Conference and ending party will be in the Octogone

Find out more : HERE

HOTEL SAMASA FUNDÃO ***(300m from the city center)
  • Rua Vasco da Gama, 6230-375 Fundão
  • Find a room HERE.
  • +351 275 751 809
CONVENTO DO SEIXO HOTEL & SPA ***** (1,3km from the city center)
  • Quinta do Convento, 6230-045 Fundão
  • Find a room HERE.
  • +351 275 249 670
PENSÃO TAROUCA (city center)
  • Rua 25 de abril n. 37, 6230-340 Fundão
  • Find a room HERE
  • Tel: 275 752 168.
PENSÃO RIVOLI (city center)
  • Rua Jornal do Fundão N. 6, 6230-406 Fundão.
  • Find a room HERE.
  • Tel: 275 753 869
☆ Note about free accomodation ☆ For volunteers and other participants that can’t afford hotel cost, there will be free option provided by our partners. We can host up to 40 participants in dorminatory with share showers and toilets, free of charge. So if you want to get your bed, please, email us .
Moagem – Cultural Center – Fundão – HERE
Tourism office – Fundão – HERE
Castelo Novo – Historical Village – 12KM – HERE
Alpedrinha – Historical Village – 14KM – HERE
Pedra d’era – viewpoint – 2/3h walking – HERE
Natura Glamping (also sleeping option) – Natural Park – HERE
Tasca da Maria – Quick food – HERE
Rock Pizza – HERE
Tasca da Estação – Local Food – HERE
Paladarte – Local food – HERE
Cascata – Local Food – HERE
Na Brasa – Grilled / Takeaway – HERE
Hermínia – Local food – HERE
Zambeziana – Local Food – HERE
Ananda – Vegan choice – HERE

DRINK and Party
Bizas Bar – HERE
Rumos Bar – HERE
Friend’s Spot – HERE
Shot Café – HERE
100 Desculpa – HERE
Kredo Bar – HERE


Peter T.

Maker - Researcher
Rotterdam The Netherland

Rasmus F.

Fablab Copenhagen -
Copenhage - Denmark

Meta S.

Center ROG
Ljubljana - Slovenia


Zagreb - Croatia


Pralinia Makerspace
Pralinia - Poland


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Frequently Asked Questions

Vulca is an association that exists thanks to volunteers. Therefore, we don’t have our continuous source of funding.

But we can envision one of the following options:

  1. We can connect you to makers travelling from your area, who are planning to arrive by their own car. In October we will put in touch participants that (1) agree to drive other makers to the event and (2) participants that approach us with questions about assisting them with travel.
  2. If you can be reimbursed for your travel expenses throughout your organisation, we can issue an official invitation letter, or provide a document upon your request that can support your arrival.


Send us an email to get more info:

Together with FabLab Fundao we have ensured 40 spots in an accommodation close to the venue for participants that would like to come, but cannot afford the accommodation. This accommodation is not only for volunteers, but open to all participants, including speakers and workshop leaders.

Number of spaces is limited, so first-come first-served.

The ticket for the seminar is free, but it is mandatory to take the ticket (this helps us estimate how many volunteers we may need or any logistics-related issue 🙂

Ticket link: → HERE

There is also a possibility to take the « donation ticket » if you like what we are doing and support our initiative. This money will be used to organise the seminar (lunches, accommodation, …).

Great you will be joining with your family!

Please take a ticket for any person/member of family that will join us on spot, especially during the lunch time. Since we plan to offer a free lunch to all participants we need to be precise when it comes to the number of participants to ensure enough food.

As the seminar date approaches, we will send you more information regarding agenda and logistic detail on the email address you gave us during registration.

In the meantime, if you have questions feel free to approach us on:



Team Leader