Want to create a residency ?

Fablab, maker and similar spaces are open to everyone.

Most of the members are from the neighbourhood or a close city.

The next logical step is offer a possibility for an international maker to join the local community to learn, make and share together.

Current residency

Residency in Croatia

Our local contact Roberto Vdović is organizing the 1st Makers island workshop & residency in Croatia (Biševo Island).

_6th of June – call opening 

_4th of July – call closure, deadline for your application!

_11th of July – announcement of the accepted workshop participants _18th of July – conference call between the participants

_14th to 21st September – Island Workshop

Overview for residency makers

Vulca team is currently working to establish the first document which aims to help makerspaces to create a residency for makers.

Through this documentation, you will learn more about:

Match Making

How to match with the

right makers


How to finance a residency



How and what to document about residency