Pilot Project

A pilot project is an actual implementation of the working system with real people, but on a limited scale. European Union with Erasmus or Creative Europe formed exchange program to encourage the mobility of citizens in Europe, but at this stage, the makers movement can only make it by hand, in small quantities.

Some of the makerspaces are interested, but we need more makerspace-use to iron out the kinks, and justify the scaling-up of maker mobility programs in Europe.

A first step towards a European framework for the Makers mobility

Creativity has had a crucial impact on today’s interconnected world. Co-creation and open sources have transformed today’s innovation and production processes. Innovation must be allowed through bottom-up processes. Are part of that all open creative hubs, hackerspace, maker-spaces, fab labs, biolabs, where volunteers, freelancers, makers, hackers, creative co-workers involve.

The proliferation of Makerspace and similar structures have proven how these new models of co-creation have not only had an impact on production processes, but on society at large scale and the well being of people. High rates of youth unemployment in some European countries and regions have led to high popularity of such “3rd spaces”, which also have an important role to play in terms of social inclusion and integration.

The crossovers between the cultural, creative and other sectors are of crucial importance. They are a mechanism of combining knowledge and skills specific to the cultural and creative sector together with those of other sectors in order to generate innovative and intelligent solutions for today’s societal challenges.The maker movement, creative hubs and fablabs are at the center of these developments and are rapidly developing, but their development has not been paralleled by full interconnection between the centres concerned.


Vulca’s main objectives

At the moment, Vulca’s main objective is to understand the impact of makers & hackers on mobility throughout Europe.

To demonstrate this impact, we plan to launch a research project about makers & hackers and their mobility via several networks, including Fab Labs, Biolabs, Makerspaces, Hackerspace, open farms…

the pilot project will focuses on the following areas:

Mapping of existing and proposed initiatives

Assessing existing programs covering makers mobility

Involvement of existing European networks

Policy Recommendations concerning a European Framework

A small-scale mobility scheme testing

Inclusion and skills development