is a specific action we developed to connect Vulca members through distributed actions

Vulca has visited almost 300 organizations from the European Union and neighboring countries since 2016. From 2017, we were organizing annual seminars with the aim of giving the opportunity to the members of our community to meet each other for the first time for most of them. 

Through seminars, and while developing our main goal of creating a European residency program, we understood the importance of connecting communities in smaller groups around different topics before scaling up having a peer-to-peer exchange of makers between spaces.

Therefore, in 2019, we started to develop a new specific action that we call « VULCA DISTRIBUTED. »

Distributed collaboration for Researchers

The aim is to help researchers to collect relevant information with the right partners in the makers’ movement related to their research topic

Distributed collaboration for leaders.

The aim is to help leaders holding European projects to work and collaborate with the right partners in the makers’ movement.

Looking for the right Fablab,

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